Why a Women's Walk, Run?

"That I was doing a Half Marathon with so many women who share the same passion as me. Truly magical."

Healthy and active lifestyles are a way of life for many women, but only a dream for too many others. Women have many demands on their time, so including a regular exercise schedule demands exceptional discipline and commitment.

Reward yourself with the Niagara Falls Womens Half Marathon. Set a goal, find a group to train with, and make Sunday, June 3, 2018 the date you will achieve greatness. Running or walking a Half Marathon is an incredible accomplishment. Do it!

Share the morning with other women from diverse backgrounds, active women of all ages and shapes, all proudly achieving t heir fit ness goals. The sense of empowerment will be amazing, and you will glow.

This event will be so much more than others. Run or walk past The Falls TWICE!, through the Niagara Parks, past the churning rapids, and out and back along the mighty Niagara River. This will be the wateriest course in Canada. What a way to experience this wonder of the world.

All of our swag, clothing and prizing has been selected specifically for women.

Womens running and walking events are fabulous. Glow with us on June 3rd in Niagara Falls.